Common Good Soap Products

I’m all about “being green” whenever possible (although I do think the term is now overused and cheesy).  I discovered a new Brooklyn based company last year that makes natural cleaning products, dish and hand soap, etc.  The products are nice but the great (and unique thing) about them is that they have bulk refill stations.

You buy the bottle one time- and then continue to use the same bottle and just refill it!  Its inexpensive and seriously think about all the waste you are saving in bottles and containers.  Even recycling takes water and energy- if you can just think one step ahead and take your bottle to the store with you, why not?

The refill locations seem to be growing all of the time- I have gone to Foragers Market in Dumbo but lately have been going to Brooklyn Kitchen; which is a whole other fabulous thing but I’ll save that for another time! Check out Common Goods website (here) for refill station locations.  As far as I know this is the only company offering refillable soap products in Brooklyn.

Here is the setup at The Brooklyn Kitchen

All of the soaps are available unscented and a few are made in lavender and bergamot.  I just purchased the laundry detergent for the first time so I can’t speak on that yet but I’m loving the hand and dish soap.  Saves money and does the job.  Its just soap lets keep it simple!!

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Friday Find

Anyone that knows me most likely knows that I have a love affair with Pinterest…  its a love affair that tends to be… ahem- unhealthy at times.  The vast world of pretty things and DIY possibilities!!!  It can suck you in like nothing else lemme tell you…


Its all fun and games....

... until you've been sucked into 10 hours on Pinterest


However as traitorous as I feel saying this about my beloved Pinterest, sometimes its just all too much…   Its crosses over from inspiration to just depressing.  I start to feel like I’m never going to be able to live up to the possibilities that I see and pinning project tutorials that I know full and well are never going to happen.

My find is a new blog thats helps us keep it all in perspective.

Pinterest You Are Drunk  – it is to Pinterest what Regretsy is Etsy and in its own words–  is just trying to make Pinterest a saner place for all of us!

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Friday Find

So this is one of the new things I wanted to start doing with CandyRockBox… a weekly feature that I can use to share some of my favorite products, services, places, or whatever.  And the narcissist in me just KNOWS that everyone is on the edge of their seats for this information!

This is a random item to start with but I count it in among my best finds:

Curtain Slide Tape!

Picture of Application

This somewhat self explanatory but if you have ever been frustrated by tugging on curtains that refuse to move across the curtain rod, you’ll be wanting to order this.  It honestly does what it says.

I know this may seem like over-kill but hey, if there is something that makes an everyday activity easier, why not take advantage of it?  I know I’m not alone here because this whole curtain snagging business is a pet peeve of the redhead’s as well- and nothing bothers him!  Which kind of makes me feel like a crazy person sometimes but I digress.

You can order this thru their site or from Amazon.  Do it-  you won’t believe the difference it makes.

Oh and if you are now thinking that I’m huge nerd because of this-  I don’t care!  :)

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