Bennys & Bicycles

Eggs Benedict that is…  only the best breakfast ever!  And the best place to get it- Prune in NYC.  I actually don’t usually like saying that anything is the best this or that because taste is so subjective but I feel pretty comfortable with this one.  The redhead and I have loved Prune for years.  Before we lived here it was always on our “to-do” list when visiting the city.  I love the tininess of it, the original wood bar and penny floor tile, the unpretentious vibe, the bloody marys and <sigh> the food…  I have honestly never had a bad meal here.

The "Mariner"... with a shooter of Red Stripe

I'm getting hungry looking at this picture...

If you go on a weekend be prepared to have a wait…  this was on a Saturday but we got there right as they were opening and were seated right away.  That was a first!

So now with blood sugar at a good level we got on with the real objective for our day- bicycle shopping.  I bought a bicycle last year that has turned out to be…  hhmmm how shall I say this… a total piece of trash.  It was a rash decision and wasn’t a very good one but hey, now I know what I don’t want that’s for sure.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading the past couple of weeks and was ready to get some hands on time.  We started off at a used/vintage shop in the East Village, Landmark Bicycles.  If you are an experienced rider and looking for a vintage bike you should definitely check this shop out.  The staff was helpful when you get could their attention and ask a question but were somewhat aloof and didn’t strike me as extremely knowledgeable.  They couldn’t answer a few questions we had about the Brooks saddles that they carry for instance…  With that said though, I did get to test ride a vintage Schwinn step-thru and they do have a very large selection.  Sorry, this isn’t really the greatest picture of the shop!

Landmark Bicycles

From there we went on to Hudson Urban Bicycles.  I wish that I had gotten a shot of the outside of this place because it was pretty cool looking; like a big garage filled with bikes that spilled out onto the sidewalk.  I test rode a Linus step-thru here, which was actually a great ride.  Right away I could feel a night and day difference from my current bike.  I still wanted to test out some bikes they didn’t carry so we moved on without buying anything there, but I have to add that the staff were amazingly helpful, friendly, and knew their stuff.  They had a large selection of both new and vintage bikes as well as a fair bit of accessories.

The last stop was Adeline Adeline in Tribeca.   They don’t have as large of selection and only carry new bikes but oh what bikes they are…  Gorgeous.  Its worth going in here just to appreciate the beauty of these bikes and the unique accessories that they have.  We were approached almost right away and I was impressed with the salesperson that helped us.  Not only was she willing to spend quite a bit of time with us but she corrected my form and starting technique in a way that made a huge difference.  I test rode a Pashley, then a Retrovelo Paula…  and then the Linus step-thru again just for comparison.  After a lunch break to clear my head and process my choices I decided on….

The Pashley Britannia in red!

Is she stunning or what?

I’m so excited!  I can barely wait…  hopefully she will be built and ready for me to pick up by the end of this week or beginning of next week.  I’ll post pictures when I pick her up :).

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3 Responses to Bennys & Bicycles

  1. Mom says:

    The breakfast looks delish. Nice to see the redhead’s hand. I’m so happy for you with the new bike coming. You have fun!! I couldn’t believe Bethany saw this blog before me.

  2. Thomas says:

    The Breakfast doesn’t even look real! Awesome.

    And the bike is a beauty! Def take pics when it arrives

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