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Football Fever & Brunch

I’m a Washington Redskins fan(atic) to the end but seeing as how I love football in general, I live in Brooklyn, and the NY Giants are in the big game–  I’m pretty excited about the Super Bowl today.   And… We are having a mini Super Bowl party, I think it’ll be the most people that I’ve had in our little apartment.  Yikes.

I was really excited to find these t-shirts from BQT Shirts.  Made in Brooklyn, sold on Etsy.  Love a cute way to get in the spirit of things!  Here’s how I wore it to get brunch with the Redhead yesterday:

"Lets Go Big Blue!"

By the way, I don’t consider wearing this being disloyal to my Redskins–  I’m just being adaptive! 😉

Not sure why I'm trying to look like an American Apparel ad here- don't love it! Ha

We went to Vinegar Hill House– which, if you live in NYC and you haven’t been to yet, you need to put it on your list.  It’s getting to be up there with Prune for me… which as you know I’m obsessed with, I love.  See here for further proof.

Don't let the quiet exterior fool you... Amazing restaurant...

Do you think I'm a little excited by this menu?



Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Parmesan... Fresh Rosemary Sausage links

After we finished and rolled ourselves home it was time to get cooking for Sunday.  I now have in the fridge enough spaghetti sauce to feed an army and….  my first ever cheesecake.  Exciting!  Its very pretty, I hope it tastes like my Mom’s- that’s the  ultimate goal!

Enjoy your Super Bowl day however you decide to spend it.  Even if you don’t watch the game and go check out Jason Wu for Target instead.  YEP- that’s happening today too.

Go Giants–  down with Brady (yuck).

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My Week in Instagram

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